Marks of Distinction
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Marks of Distinction

The Kirk Clinic is a Rural Health Clinic.  A Rural Health Clinic (RHC) is a clinic located in a rural, medically under-served area in the United States. RHCs were established by the Rural Health Clinics Act (P.L. 95-210), (Section 1905 of the Social Security Act). The program was established to address an inadequate supply of physicians serving Medicare beneficiaries and Medicaid recipients in rural areas and to increase the utilization of non-physician practitioners.  Like other medical providers, RHCs must provide certain services in order to qualify for the program. In addition, a RHC must employ a nurse practitioner (NP) or a physician assistant (PA) and have a NP, PA, or certified-nurse midwife available at least 50 percent of the time the RHC operates.

The Kirk Clinic has two Full-Time Nurse Practitioners. Nurse Practitioners are an Advanced Practice Nurse who provides high-quality healthcare services similar to those of a doctor.  Nurse Practitioners diagnose and treat health problems.  They also focus on health promotion, disease prevention, health education and counseling. 

Our physicians are Board Certified in Family Medicine and have medical staff privlidges at Colquitt Regional Medical Center.  Each of our physicians utilize the Colquitt Regional Medical Center Hospitalist Program to provide hospital care for their patients during their stay at the hospital.  Each of our physicians see their newborn and pediatric patients at Colquitt Regional Medical Center during their stay in the hospital.  For more information regarding the CRMC Hospitalist Program go to .

On October 7, 2013, The Kirk Clinic was awarded a Certificate of Recognition from the Georgia Department of Public Health Immunization Office for Outstanding Immunization Coverage of Two-Year-Old Children and our Participation in the Vaccine For Childrens Program. 

The Kirk Clinic is proud to be the Family Medicine office of The Colquitt County Packers and members of the CCHS Sports Medicine Program.  You will see Dr. Swartzentruber on the field at the CCHS Football games this season providing support and treatment to injured players.